• How do I become a Trust Your Stylist member?

A: If there are openings available for new members, you will have the option to schedule a Trust Your Stylist consultation online to come into the salon where we go over your options and get your membership started. If no openings are available, the option will not be given.

  • Is there a waitlist for the membership? 

A: Yes, there is a waitlist. Click here to join the membership waitlist. Make sure you add your referral source.

  • Can I book an appointment if I am not a member?

A: Yes, non members have the option to book a silk press service, microlinks, and tape in extensions 

  • I do not have a membership but a I need advice on my hair. Can you help me?

A: Absolutely! You can schedule a virtual consultation.

  • What kinds of classes do you offer?
A: I teach different hairstyles and techniques, and business classes. Some are for hairstylists only and some are for anyone wanting to learn a new skill.